SHINee Official Goods Light Stick Free Standard with Tracking Number

$53.50 USD


-Product: Official support rod (1EA)
-Material: ABS, PC, Silicone, Aluminum
Size: 93.5 X 89 X 255 (MM)
-Country of origin: Korea
-Year of manufacture: 2018.05
-Weight: 152g

Handling Precautions
1. A strong shock or water contact may cause a malfunction.
2. Do not disassemble or assemble arbitrarily.
3. Use genuine alkaline AAA batteries.
4. Remove the batteries when not in use.
5. Keep the batteries out of reach of infants and young children.
6. Dispose of used batteries at their designated disposal point.
7. Be sure to check the + and-polarities of the batteries and install them in the correct polarity direction.
8. Improper installation may cause product failure and may cause fire or burn.
9. There is a possibility of cross talk during wireless operation.
10. Use in rainy weather may cause breakdown.

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