K-Drama Goblin Dokkaebi Photo Essay Book

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On February 10, 2017, the tvN drama 'Goblin' photo essay, which contained a story behind the drama that was never seen in the drama!

The unusual and attractive materials, realistic characters, and Eunsook Kim's unique sensational dialogue are basic, and the beautiful visual beauty added to them is enough to shake the viewers' hearts. Most of all, the dense narrative that surrounded the sick people one by one has gained a lot of empathy. The Dokkaebi Photo Essay was designed to convey the emotions of the drama that poured out many famous scenes every time. About the terrible and romantic fate,
It tells the story the drama was trying to tell about the lonely and brilliant love and ties, and the choice of life, with the high-quality pictorial. In addition, sharing of the perfect chemist, Lee Dong-Wook, and Sung-Jae Yoo's three “community”, and the vivid record of the shooting scene will add fun to watching.

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# Scene 1. Terrible, romantic, fate What kind of fate did God give them? The fate of those who turned around and met again in our present life and our lives

# Scene 2. Lonely and brilliant love and ties What are we to each other? What kind of ties tie us together?
# Scene 3. Miracle, only my choice Have you ever prayed earnestly to God at some point in your life? #Behind. The behind-the-scenes drama production site



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