The ZE:A members want nothing more than a number one with this round of promotions. They promised if they would get #1 that they would give a kiss on the fans’ cheeks.

On August 8th, ZE:A held a special showcase for its new mini album, ‘Illusion’, presenting its title song, ‘Ghost of the Wind’ to the press and the fans.

During the Q&A session, ZE:A was asked about its goals. The members answered, “Our goal is to receive more love from the public and become a national group.”

Heechul added, “We’ve emphasized this since we first came out, but we have nine members, each with nine different charms. It’s kind of embarrassing to say this on our own, but we hope that people can watch us as they take in everything one at a time like our handsome faces, great dance skills, hidden singing abilities.”

Junyoung chimed in, “The level of awareness of individual members is pretty high, so we decided to come back as ZE:A with “Ghost of the Wind” to aim for a number one. We really want to get a number one on a music program.”

When asked what they would do if they receive a number one, Heechul first said they’ll dance before Kwanghee stopped him, saying dancing is too common.

Whenever we get a number one, all the members will kiss the fans on the cheeks,” said Kwang Hee.

ZE:A will be releasing its mini album ‘Illusion’ on August 9th.


Source: mwave

Article by: Mana

Edited by: Karolina

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