ZE:A guested on MBC‘s  ‘FM4U Kim Shin Young Radio’ and Hyungsik picked A Pink as the celebrity he wants to film a kiss scene with.


The MC asked, “Kiss scenes appear quite often and since you have officially recieved the title of idols, who are good at acting, who would you want to film a kiss scene with? “. Hyungsik at first avoided the question and Dongjun commented “ I had a kiss scene with Sunny in a musical, and i got in trouble by the fans.” Hyungsik then commented he doesn’t have anyone he wanted to do a kiss scene with.

Kevin, who was sitting next to Hyungsik said, “I know his ideal type. The group who sings ‘No No No’,” revealing the girl group Hyungsik likes is A Pink.

As it has been revealed, Hyungsik admitted that A Pink were a great help in the army.

Kevin revealed his ideal type to be Clara because of ‘the green bikini’ giving a very detailed description.


Source: star.mk

Article by: Karolina

Translated by: Angela

Edited by: Mir

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