On the pilot episode of SBS‘ new competition program, ‘Super Match,’ Lee Seung Hwan and YB had a ‘battle’ as they both chose 2NE1′s CL as the junior singer that they would like to be in a team with.

Lee Seung Hwan explained his choice, saying, “While stamina is (usually) needed for performances, because the performance this time around is short, something else will be needed (for it to be excellent). (I think) CL has this quality to her that only introspective people will find interesting.”

YB reasoned, “We want to show a dynamic and ‘full’ stage. We think that CL will be able to give (us) that ‘strength’ (for such a stage) so we’re looking forward to that.”

The senior singers who will be appearing on ‘Super Match’ are Lee Seung Hwan, YB, Yang Hee Eun, Bobby Kim and Lee Hyun Do, while the junior singers are the fast-rising trend of the music industry Dynamic Duo, 2NE1’s CL, Clazziquai, Kim Yerim, and Kim Tae Woo.



Source: ygladies Facebook

Article by: Karolina

Edited by: Mariam

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