One of our Facebook pages, K-Australia, recently ran a competition called, ‘Get K-REATIVE’, which asks fans to submit a photo with the page’s logo shown in a K-Pop related and creative way. They were also asked to answer the question ‘What got you into K-Pop?’.

The competition was open to both Australian and international K-Pop fans. Below are the 4 winners who where chosen by the admin team:

Name: Win Hern
Age : 15

How you got into K-Pop:  ‘I have been a kpop fan since last year, 2012. SISTAR was the first kpop girl group I knew! One day, I asked to choose a song for a dancing competition in a camp in my school. I used to be a person lived without music, so it’s quite hard for me to do this but it’s a very important task for me! After coming back from school, I keep searching some songs in the internet, but there’s no any song that I like. Then, I go take a rest on my sofa and watching my tv. When I keep tuning the channel, there was something ridiculous happened! One of the channel I turned is a Korean channel and it was broadcasting a kpop show. The song perform is just stop me by turning the channel, the song is ALONE by SISTAR. The song is so nice and I am falling in love with SISTAR and ALONE! ALONE is the first song in my life! But since there was several reasons, I did not choose ALONE as the dancing song. But my group won too in the competition with other kpop song! This year too, I joined the camp once again two weeks ago and my group won again in the dancing part with ALONE and GIVE IT TO ME! I performed the Dasom’s solo part as well as I can!’

Julia Vinci
Age: 15
State: NSW

How you got into K-Pop: ‘Well i was watching Ao no exorcist.. and the ending for it was 2pms Take off~ and my korean friend told me that well it was korean and by a group named 2pm that day i searched it up and i found a whole new world YAAAAYYY!!! ^^ Photo: This photo was taken at a Convention in Sydney. Smash! Its The Matokis from BAP! (Aoki Photography, is just my photography copyright thingy… I had it on there before and couldnt find the original picture so i left it on if thats alright..)’

Joyce Tang
Age: 15
State: Victoria

How you got into K-Pop: ‘I heard a kpop song from somewhere like a party or something… or a friend. Dont remember. I think it was 2pm’s again and again or 10 points out of 10. It sounded really good even though I didnt know what they were saying. From then, I searched up more kpop songs and started listening to them.’

Courtney Jolly
Age: 15
State: Victoria

How you got into K-Pop: ‘I got into K-pop because of my parents xD they never stopped talking about it and I decided to check it out, I’ve never gone back.’

Below are the winners’ entries in respective order.
[srizonfbalbum id=19]

Congratulations to all our winners and thanks to everyone that participated!

Article by: Mariam

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