Singer Wheesung has returned to fans with his discharge that took place on August 9th!

Wheesung gave his salute and greeted all that had gathered after being discharged at the Nonsan Army Training Station on the 9th at 9 AM KST.

The singer shared, “I wanted complete my service quietly and with a clean slate, so I am sorry… More so than the pain I felt, it tugs at my heart that I hurt my parents and fans. It is a relief that I can now return to music… I think going serving in the military was a good thing. I learned a lot and my longing for music grew… I am glad that I can greet you like this today. Rather than through words, I want to greet you all through music. Thank you.

When asked which girl group gave him the most strength in the army, Wheesung shared, A Pink. During my time in the army, the most popular group was A Pink. The most exciting group is Crayon Pop.”

Welcome back, Wheesung!




Source: allkpop

Article by: Mana

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