We have some exciting performances from your favourite idols such as 2PM,SNSD,BEAST and SHINee on today's Seoul Music Awards!

We will try to post as many videos as possible in this post,so please stay tuned,whose performance is your favourite??

Video Credits:,yaymeirock,TheYayoiza,f061579,prot0515,KpopFun2,ELFZ0NE,kwongain,popkisssicle3

Still updating !

DaeSang :SNSD

Bonsang winners: SHINee, Baek Ji Young, Kara, SNSD, Davichi, Son Dambi, Kim Taewoo, 2PM

Rookie Award: T-ara, BEAST, After School

Popularity Award: 2PM, Super Junior

Performance Award: Psy

Best Album: Drunken Tiger

Digital Award: SNSD

Hallyu Special Award: Super Junior

R&B Award: Bobby Kim

Hip Hop Award: Drunken Tiger

Trot Award: Park Sang Chul, Park Hyun Bin

Thanks to Allkpop for the winners list.

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