Kim Yoon Ah 'Tokyo Blues' music video unveiled!

'Tokyo Blues' because the day started Tokyo, Japan. Kim Yun Ah felt in
dealing with the loneliness of the song material, Reclusive Music Video,
Kim Yun Ah felt lonely and feel of Tokyo at night, and had put together,
The hasty in Tokyo, local Taxi and exotic appearance of the eye-catching.

Kim Yun Ah did not show the meantime, rich Makeup and colourful costumes and women transformed into pammeupatal , hidden behind it, expressed through loneliness and tried to overcome my loneliness music video.

Kim Yun Ah is South Korean actress and vocalist of South Korean rock band Jaurim. She has released her single
album, 315360. First Music Video from her single, Going home. We hope to see more of her Music Video!

Tracklist :
1 이상한 세상의 릴리스
2 비밀의 정원
3 가만히 두세요
4 Going Home
5 도쿄블루스(Tokyo Blues)
6 Summer Garden
7 에뜨왈르
8 Cat Song
9 얼음 공주
10 착한 소녀
11 검은 강
12 이상한 이야기

Source : MyDaily
Credit : AsianMusicHD @ Youtube, SherleneSayo[TRANS]
Kim yun ahMvTokyo blues

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