Recently TVXQ fans all over the world came together to show their love and support for the boys yet again. This time they sang a fanmade version of Midhuyo in English. The lyrics was written by Meimei and Yzze and it shows that all fans will always love, support and believe in TVXQ in these hard times.

At first this song was a project by 5 Gods of the East with an intention to give a message from fans to TVXQ. After that 5GOE and Phoenix, the European fanclub of TVXQ, came together to organize a second project, letting fans from all over the world to join. It shows indeed that TVXQ fans are all united as one red ocean.

Check out the touching result of this project!

Original video:

5 Gods of the East
Phoenix -European Fanclub of TVXQ-
TVXQEuropeanFanClub on Youtube

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