Not to fear, our faithful subbing team,Time2sub2, has brought us a gift....

As of right now, time2sub2 is uploading episode 175 featuring 2PM with English subs. Although, it may have been before the controversy, it is nice to see them with smiles on their faces.

Not only am I happy, but time2sub2 is also happy because they are finally returning to do what they love to do. Recently, there have been limited amount of videos available to sub of 2PM.

Now, they are right back on track with a whole full episode. They even wrote that they have missed subbing for 2PM and/or the viewers. They have always been a faithful and quick subbing group for ONEDAY addicts.

It takes time to upload so many videos, but they are almost finished. So, as a treat I will upload the first part. I hope you enjoy. A big thanks to Time2sub2 for their dedication.

cr: omgkpop; time2sub2 @ youtube
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