This video is a cut from Star King.
It's almost the same with Champagne, Ideal Type World Cup.
MC Kang Ho Dong gave Minho choices between two SNSD members, and his choice will be compared until only one left.

It's quite difficult for Minho to chose between Yuri, SeoHyun.
In the end, he chose SeoHyun over Yuri.

Watch the video cut here.

Thanks to Unknown Carrot for the cut.

Guess all 91-ers love SeoHyun....
U-Kiss Kevin, 2AM Jinwoon, SHINee Key, BEAST DongWoon, MBLAQ Mir and now SHINee Minho.
Here's the video for U-Kiss Kevin (around 0:55)

Cr: ukissmusicbox

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* as a 91er too, I should add myself^^ Well, she's my favorite member in SNSD (fangirl one)^^
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