The sexy diva has returned with a new look, a more sophisticated look if you ask me. She also released 2 tracks from her album. Fans have been looking out for this for it was said that Ivy was to come back with a catchy ballad song. Her concept photo's are very different from what i have expected. It has toned down colors, and very minimalist.

Check out the tracks from her album that has been released and decide for yourself if it is a hit or a miss:

Goodbye Tears:


Here is the track list for her Ballad comeback album:
1. Sensation
2. Crazy
3. Touch Me
4. 눈물아 안녕
5. You Are The Ace (Feat. JR Groove)
6. Good
7. 왜 나만 아프죠
8. Adios
9. 여자라서
10. 안돼요 (Rap Feat. Day Day)
11. Left 2 Right
12. 어차피 잊어야 할 사람
13. Zoo (Rap Feat. 길미)
14. Peek-A-Boo
15. 보란듯이
16. Touch Me (Electro Mix)

credits: urnobody919 @ youtube; blueprincess824

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