~ Members :
No Eul (노을) - 20
Kim Jae Kyung (김재경) - 21
Jung Yoon Hye (정윤혜) - 19
Oh Se Mi (오승아) - 21
Lee Joo Bin (고우리) - 21
Jang Ji Soo (김지숙) - 18
Min Ji Hye (조현영) - 18

Check it out ! what are your thoughts? :) Comments please ! Their debut single is Gossip girl.Their english is kinda annoying with the high pitch gossip girl thing in the song.Oh well, that is only my thoughts.The MV looks kinda good.We will wait and see,to see whether are they worthy to join the ranks of the popular girl groups ;).

My opinion : Looks like they will go for the sexy and cute image? Sexy and cute type.The girls looks like a mix of SNSD & KARA.Did i see a nicole, Goo Hara and sunny or taeyeon in there o.o? lol

Video Credits:UrAsiansource

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