TVXQ members’ hidden story will be unveil to the public.

On the 24th in the morning (midnight) is the broadcast of MBC Every1 “The Star Secret – TVXQ part”. There will be a visit to TVXQ Junsu’s group friends during elementary school in Ilsan. The show’s commercial video had revealed undisclosed pictures of Junsu taken 10 years ago to gather attention.

“He’s so energetic in everything he did. Singing while eating is fine, but is it necessary to do the passionate dance as well? His energy was just gotta spread everywhere. When we’re walking together down the road, he could all of sudden did some dance, just like ‘thang’ ‘thang’” – Baek Nam-hyeon (U-Know Yunho high school classmate)

“U-Know is a friend of mine that has the same eyes as a Siberian Husky. He has full of passion in his eyes. While Changmin came out as pure as a rain and looked so innocent. As for Jaejoong, he’s a very good looking man to the point that you’ll say “Ooh~” when you saw him.” – Kim Kyung-wook (former SM president / TVXQ founder)

“TVXQ is riding the path as superstars. They even have power to destruct the moral culture in South Korea which other group do not have. I never thought there’s a possibility of a group that can do everything well would actually coming out. They’re proceed in singing, live performance, looks, and even become song writers so well, is that even real? Even the USA doesn’t have such a group like this in their history.” – Bang Si-hyeok (composer & producer)

Changmin debuted when he’s still in 1st year of high school. However, just the same like before he debuted, he still practiced english and mathematics lesson until dawn despite the tough time he had as a trainee. Thus the school principal awarded him special prize at his graduation day for his 3 years perfect attendance. The exceptional love of U-Know Yunho to his school before he debuted can also be seen in this episode.

MBC Every1 – The Star Secret broadcast on October 24th, midnight time.

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Note:I think there will be interviews of cassies in this show.So stay tune !

I miss them sooooo much ! Always Keep The Faith !!!!!

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