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2010-02-12 08:11:37

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It garnered public interest when a senior trot singer 태진아/ Tae Jin-Ah had a friendly conversation on his cell phone
with Hero Jaejoong of TVXQ during his roadside interview with SBS's Evening Entertainment program on the 11th.

When Tae Jin-Ah mentioned Jaejoong being his friend to the interviewer and called Jaejoong,
the phone connection did not go through. So the interviewer was in doubt whether they are actually friends or not.
But soon after, Jaejoong called back Tae Jin-Ah.

They exchanged greetings with each other. Tae Jin-Ah then handed his cell phone to the interviewer.
When asked about their relationship, Jaejoong told the interviewer that Tae Jin-Ah is like his father and is very kind to
him. Tae Jin-Ah always invites Jaejoong to his home and invites him to have a nice meal. Jaejoong also stated that Tae Jin-Ah is the top class Korean trot singer whom he respects.

In addition, Jaejoong said that among the songs of Tae Jin-Ah, he likes "Partner" the most.
(*JJ sang a little bit on TV.)

They ended their conversation by Tae Jin-Ah asking Jaejoong to visit his home in the near future, and by Jaejoong replying to him by saying, "I will be there. Thank you!"

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