With the 2010 South Africa FIFA World Cup approaching, Hyundai has been releasing a mini series showing Big Bang members searching for 'the shout of the reds' in the streets of Seoul.

The mini series showed Big Bang members going through many different scenarios to find the perfect shouters. Going into a fish market, kidnapping loud teachers and holding shouting auditions were few of the scenarios which Big Bang members had to go through.

The MV serves as the ending to the mini series. Watch the video and see Big Bang cheer with Kim Yuna for the South Korean football team with a catchy song.

Kim Yuna did a very good job singing and dancing in the video. Really an athlete that deserves to be loved by the nation.

So what do you guys think of the MV? I know I liked it.

Video: miseremeiYT02@youtube.com
Big bangKim yuna

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