Although most of us are pretty big fans of the original song and haven’t let it off the repeat button, others have stepped quietly in the background to make our own special version of the song.

Yoonha Hwang is notorious YouTube-er for making piano instrumentals of legendary Kpop songs and he got straight to work on the 2pm song as soon as it came out. The man’s got serious talent and the instrumental still has much of the song presence in it that it feels like it’s the original itself.

A not so much remix but rather a slow & thaw-ed version of the song, a HOTTEST fan created a song for the sheer purpose that he/she wasn’t into the fast pace beat of the song. The version is a bit scratchy however I can more of the vocals then the original, which I LOVE.

More remixes are about to come, so don’t forget to check back!

cr: goodvibe.wordpress

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