@bts_twt : 캬 오늘 엠카무대도 즐거웠습니담~ 엠카 오늘이 마지막이 었네요ㅜㅜ.. 아 즐거웠습니다.. 남은 방송도 즐겁게 보내요ㅋㅋ 오늘 팬싸인회도 너무 좋았고 내일 또 봐요~~~ [Jimin]

Trans @bts_twt : Kya, today’s M!Countdown stage was fun as well~
Today was the last (stage) on M!Countdownㅜㅜ.. Ah it was fun..
For the remaining broadcasts, you guys have fun too keke
The fansign today was very nice too.
See you tomorrow~~~ [Jimin]

@bts_twt : 더민스는 내가 접수한다.  [V & J-Hope]

Trans @bts_twt : I will take over The Min’s.   [V & J-Hope]

@bts_twt :  존재해주셔서 감사한 분들~~!~ 음악해주셔서 진심으로 감사합니다 EPIK rules!  [BTS]

Trans #bts_twt : People with a thankful existence~~!~ Sincerely thank you for making music EPIK rules! @blobyblo @realmithrajin @Tukutz81 [BTS]


Tablo’s reply
이젠 이런 후배들이 있어서 존재해요

We exist now that we have juniors like these

Mithra Jin’s reply
그래~ 시간되면 콘써트 놀러오렴!

Alright~ if you have the time, come and have fun at our concert!

DJ Tukutz’s reply
그러지 말고 우리 그냥 친구하자 ㅋㅋ

Don’t be like that, lets just be friends keke

@bts_twt : 야밤의 빠삐용 빙의 우리 친구들 무섭지잉!!!!! 여러분 good night @.@/ [J-Hope]

Trans @bts_twt : Midnight’s Papillon. Our friends who are in-character are so scary!!!!! Everyone, good night @.@/[J-Hope]

(T/N: Papillon is the name of the character J-Hope is dressed up as)

@bts_twt :  저기 비친건 내핸드폰인가 [Jin]

Trans @bts_twt :  Is the thing that’s reflecting there my phone [Jin]

@bts_twt : 부들부들한 니트 조아하는 사람 모이셈 역시 니트는 부들부들해야해 [Jin]

Trans @bts_twt : All people who like soft knits gather around. As expected, knits need to be soft [Jin]


Credits :

Trans : Hyejin & Denise & Mary & Tiffany@ bts-trans


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