@bts_twt : 랩몬입니다. 항상 제게 힘과 사랑을 주시는 분들께 다시 한 번 감사드리며! 피곤해도 조금 참고 뛰자 달리자 사람들이 상상 못 하는 그것을 위해 [Rap Monster]

Trans @bts_twt : This is Rapmon. Thanking everyone who always gives me strength and love once more! Even though I’m tired, let’s just endure it a bit and run, dash forward for the things that people can’t even imagine  [Rap Monster]

@bts_twt : 콘서트 D – 5!! [Jimin]

Trans @bts_twt : Concert D-5!! [Jimin]

@bts_twt : 아이뤈.. 센스 [V]

Trans @bts_twt : Ah this.. sense [V]

Kakaotalk Convo [Friend Baek KyungDo]

T/N: Baek Kyungdo is one of V’s model friends

V: Let me try with your name

BKD: Baek

V: The people

BKD: Kyung

V: Liked both the police and


BKD: Eh it can’t be

V: The thieves

BKD: Kekekekekekekeke

V: Kekekekekekekekekeke

BKD: It’s possible for you to go into variety

T/N: V is making an acrostic poem with his friend, Baek KyungDo’s name

@bts_twt : 명곡.. 청춘과 동행은 앞으로 십 년은 더 듣지 않을까? 그게 나야랑 내 사람을 많이들 듣던데 나는 청춘, 동행, 고백.

Trans @bts_twt : A classic song.. Won’t I listen to ‘Youth’ and ‘Accompany’ for at least 10 more years? A lot of people listen to ‘That’s Me’ and ‘My Person’ but I like ‘Youth’, ‘Accompany’, and ‘Confession’.

*(T/N): All songs mentioned above are by Kim Dongryul 

@bts_twt : 뷕뷕아 나중엔 이이름으로 나랑 같이 살자 꼭 [V]

Trans @bts_twt : Bwikbwik-ah, let’s definitely live together with me later on with this name [V]

@bts_twt : 내꿈꿔 요 [Jimin]

Trans @bts_twt : Dream of me [Jimin]

Credits :

Translate : Nika @ bts-trans, Hyejin @ bts-trans ,Mary @ bts-trans

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