@bts_bighit : [] 누구때문에~~? 호르몬때문에~~! 으로 돌아온 방방탄! 엠카 첫 방송을 놓치신 분들은 꼭꼭 복습하기로 해요! 18살에 모든 걸 안다는 정국의 웨이브도 놓치지 말기@//@*

Trans @bts_bighit : [Today Bangtan] Because of who~~? Because War of Hormone~~! Bang Bang Tan Comeback with #War of Hormone! Who’s miss Mcountdown 1st Broadcast i’m doing turning point to the review ! i’m 18th but i know everything Don’t Miss it Seeing Jungkook doing wave in the end performance @//@*

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Trans : BTS Diary

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