As mentioned before, Shinhwa fans took notice of the similarities in the melodies between B.A.P‘s latest single “BADMAN” and Shinhwa’s 2008 song “We Can Get it On,” Both, TS Entertainment and Shinhwa Company, responded to the accusations of the plagiarized song from Shinhwa’s “We Can Get it On,”

Shinhwa fans discovered similarities between the two songs and had demanded some sort of action. TS Entertainment responded, “We know that there are claims that B.A.P’s ‘BADMAN’ and Shinhwa’s ‘We Can Get It On’ are similar. However, it’s not plagiarized, and we didn’t put out a statement because we had no plans to respond. It’s the same case for ‘No Mercy‘.

Shinhwa Company similarly said, “We hear that B.A.P and Shinhwa’s songs are similar. But we’re not making a big deal out of it. B.A.P is a distant hoobae to Shinhwa, so we just hope they do well.



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