Injun's letter:

Everyone! 2010 is here^^
It's a new feeling~
Despite yesterday being a weekday
Im really thankful to those who came to our PhotoTime~
Please be rooting for us always, get it? >_<
Happy new year and also hope that 2010 will be a wonderful year~ <3

Let's Hwaiting!

~In Jun Jjang

Hyunmin's letter:

Hello everyone!!
Finally, the thing that everyone is waiting for
2010 is here!
And its a brand new year hehe!

Hope you receive lots of allowance
Family will be closer to each other and also getting happiness
Have a happy holiday season!

Thanks for those who came to our PhotoTime yesterday
Year 2010 will be the year for DGNA to work hard~~~!!

,Hyun min

Jay's letter:

Everyone!! Finally year 2010 is here! (Ahsa!)
Isn't it great ^^ Please give us support!!
Wish you all year round of goodluck
A must! x999 to stay healthy~!
If.. you've got your pay! Please know what you are using it on!
Also... yesterday!! For those who came to DGNA's PhotoTime, i feel really thankful. I really liked yesterday^^
I'm going to thank you again!!

Happy New Year!! Ahng~<3


Mikka's letter:

Hello everyone It's Mikka ^^
From tomorrow onwards, it's going to be a new year hehe
Because its new year, drink lots of rice wine and also receive lots of new year allowance ^^
Ah! I would also like to thank the fans who came to our PhotoTime yesterday ^^
Do you know how nervous we are standing in front of you... ^^
I would like to thank everyone again!!

Happy New Year
We will be doing our best, DGNA!
I will be putting my effort to be the Leader, Mikka ^^

Thank You ^^


Karam's letter:

Merry New Year~~

Hello~ ^^
Im Karam of DGNA <3
Finally tomorrow!! It's gonna be a new year!!
It's going to be a fun day ^^ haha
Hope that everyone will be closer to your family when the new year comes
It will be nice to see everyone having fun
(Because I will be practicing hard!!!) <
I hope i can be with my family the next new year T^T
Also!! For the PhotoTime, I was really surprised that there were more people than i thought, who turned up for the event.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH <3<3<3<3<3<3

Have a happy happy new year!
Eat lots of food ^^
I will definitely eat more the next time! ^^ hehe

credit: Mandytha + dianareizelle @kingdomprince
Translated byA★RI@kingdomprince

Many thanks to Kingdom Prince for sending in the tips!!
Dae guk nam ahTrans

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