In the second day of Lunar New Year, Super Junior M boys became DJs for Taiwan's HitFm to greet fans and shared experiences during the occasion. They accompany the listeners for being Lunar New Years' DJs. Below is the transcription.


SW – Siwon; ZM – Zhoumi; KH – Kyuhyun; H – Henry
All: Happy New Year
ZM: You’re listening in to the hitfm network. We’re the DJs that will accompany you for the New Year
All: Super Junior M
KH: I’m Kyuhyun. Happy New Year. Give (me) red packet
SW: I’m Siwon. Wishing all prosperity in the year of the Tiger
H: I’m Henry. Hope everyone would not be anticlimactic in the year of the Tiger. All wishes must come true
ZM: Hello everyone I’m Zhoumi. Wish everyone in the year of the Tiger, hu hu sheng wei*, receive red packets till your hands are sore. Today is the second day of Lunar New Year, let’s first listen to a very lively song for the New Year. That is our “Super Girl”. Let’s move together with “Super Girl”
All: *sings*
ZM: It’s the second day of the Lunar New Year, in Taiwan it’s a day where mothers go back to their maiden homes. So Siwon and Kyuhyun, is there any fun things happening celebrating the Lunar New Year in Korea?
SW: Actually it’s the same in Korea
KH: Red packet
ZM: Go home for dinner
SW: Red packet
ZM: Reunion dinner, then collect red packets
SW: Yesyesyesyes
ZM: Really? Then it’s the same as here
SW: Yeah it’s the same
ZM: So the next song we’re going to listen to is SHINee’s song
H: Called “Ring Ding Dong”
ZM: I remember that when I was little during Lunar New Year will wear new clothes. It’s very interesting. Like the day before Lunar New Year, will arrange my new clothes neatly. Then every year will look forward to this time (of the year), able to wear new clothes and collect New Year’s money. Looking forward, looking forward
H: Wa~for me, last year, actually during New Year I would come to Taiwan. So this year, also will, keke yeah
ZM: I’m also hoping that during the New Year I can be together with family
H: Together, together, let’s come to Taiwan together
ZM: Okay (H: How (about it)?) You buy the airtickets for me and I’ll come
H: Okay, I’ll buy for you
SW: Me (too) me (too) me (too)
H: Siwon wants too
SW: Yesyes
ZM: So Henry will buy the three of us tickets to Taiwan for Lunar New Year
H: What about Kyuhyun? Kyuhyun don’t want (it)? Do (you) want?
KH: I’ll come myself
H: *stumped*
ZM: Alright, he don’t want you to buy
H: Don’t have to buy your tickets!
SW: Ha
ZM: So we’ll listen to a song by Jay Chou, “Bu neng shuo de mimi”
All: Gong xi fa cai*~~~
ZM: You’re now tunning in to hitfm network, today is the second day of Lunar New Year. Everyone having fun during the Lunar New Year holidays? We’re the DJs that will accompany you for the New Year
All: Super Junior M
KH: I’m Kyu~hyun
SW: I’m Siwon
H: I’m Henry
ZM: I’m Zhoumi, so now please listen to a love song from our first mini-album, “Blue Tomorrow”
SW: *sings* Dao le ming tian, ni jiu li kai wo sheng bian~~~~~~~~~
ZM: Hello everyone, I’m Zhoumi. Wish to go for a vacation now
SW: Hahahaha
H: Me too
SW: I’m Siwon. I want to go travelling
H: Travelling
SW: Yes travelling
H: Where to?
SW: Let’s go Taiwan together
H: Taiwan
ZM: Very good, good suggestion
SW: Really really, no schedule
ZM: (If) no schedules, then come to Taiwan to play**
SW: Yesyesyesyes
ZM: Wa good thing good thinking
H: The four of us together, come to Taiwan together
KH: Nono
SW: The other three is..
KH: I’ll come myself
ZM: So you have to come Taiwan too, Kyuhyun
KH: I’ll come myself!!
SW: Okay, he’ll come himself, then tell us
KH: I’m here now
ZM: So the four of us, our wish is to come Taiwan for a long vacation
SW: Yesyes
ZM: So the next song we’re going to listen to is Jam Hsiao’s “Forgive me”
ZM: I’m Zhoumi
SW: I know
ZM: You know? Siwon you know that I’m Zhoumi?
SW: Your pronunciation, your pronunciation is very good
ZM: So what is my New Year resolution? I hope that Super Junior M is able to release (a) second album. With more good songs then come to Taiwan with the second album, promoting it with everyone
H: Oh~yeah~
SW: I’m Siwon. I hope that we Super Junior, Super Junior M, we’re all, our fans
ZM: All our fans
SW: Yes everyone
ZM: Every single person
SW: Every single person, are happy
ZM: Filled with happiness
KH: Me~too~
ZM: Kyuhyun said he’s the same as Siwon, wish everyone will be happy too
SW: What about Henry?
H: I hope that the people around us, are healthy because health is the most important
ZM: That’s right. Being healthy is the most important. Because it’s the Lunar New Year, in this New Year everyone must think of their own New Year wishes. This way, there’s a possibility it will come true. So now let’s listen to a So Nyeo Shi Dae song, “Tell Me Your Wish”. Hope everyone’s New Year wish will be able to come true in this New Year
All: *sings* Sowoneul malhaebwa~bwa~bwa~bwa
Credit: 小文子525@周觅吧 : twelfs
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