Interviewing Super Junior-M: Fans are Super Girl and releasing an official 2nd album early next year.

In the afternoon of the 16th of October, Super Junior-M, who released a mini album called “Super Girl” not long ago, came in as guests at Net Ease’s chatroom. During the interview, SJ-M members shared the image of their Super Girl in their hearts and announced that they will be releasing their 2nd official album.

SJ-M as guests at Net Ease Entertainment 《Super face-to-face》.

Net Ease entertainment brings you that on the afternoon of 16th of October, Super Junior-M, who released a mini album called “Super Girl” not long ago, came in as guests at Net Ease’s chatroom. As China’s first trans-national group, SJ-M has received attention even before they debuted.

During the interview, each and every of SJ-M’s members shared the image of their Super Girl in their hearts and Hankyung says that the Super Girl in his heart is his mother. During the games segment, the Korean members expresses their proficiency in Mandarin by using Mandarin to thank their fans, who always supported them. They also announced that they will release their 2nd official album early next year.

The interview:

Net Ease : Hello to all Net Ease’s net friends! Thank you for watching this week’s《Super face-to-face》. This week’s guests would be the highly-popular idol group that received lots of attention.
Hankyung : Hello everyone, we are Super Junior.
SJ-M : M!
Net Ease : Lets start the introduction from Zhoumi.
Zhoumi : Hello everyone, I’m Zhoumi.
Kyuhyun : I’m Kyuhyun.
Siwon : I’m Siwon.
Hankyung : I’m Super Junior-M’s Hangeng.
Donghae : My beloveds, I’m Donghae.
Henry : Hello everyone, I’m Henry.
Ryeowook : Hello everyone, I’m Ryeowook.

The dance moves of the hit song are easy to learn. The members describe the Super Girl in their hearts.
Net Ease : Today is for you to introduce your new mini album, Super Girl. Firstly, can we invite the leader, Hangeng, to introduce the new album.
Hankyung : This is our first new (mini) album. There are 5 songs inside and the hit song is Super Girl and Blue Tomorrow. Zhoumi also wrote 2 of the song’s lyrics.
Net Ease : Lets get Zhoumi to introduce his lyrics?
Zhoumi : This time, it included 2 songs which lyrics I’ve written, “Confession” and “You & me”. It was supposed to be a cute love song where a little boy experiences love for the first time, yearns for this romance greatly, but is more like a baby deer bumbling around.
Hankyung : These 2 songs have different styles.
Zhoumi : One song is about first love and the other is when a person just starts to experience love.
Net Ease : Talking about the album’s hit song, everyone has turned their attention to it’s cheorography. There was a part where Henry did a solo dance right?
Henry : Yes, there’s one in the middle.
Net Ease : This time feeling as if you finally have a chance, the last time was playing the violin, this time, it’s a solo dance. Was there a different feeling?
Henry : Firstly, there wasn’t a violin(laughs), this time, there’s only a solo part.
Hankyung : Actually when we’re choreographing the dance,3 people were supposed to do the solo part. However, we discussed and we felt that if Henry did the solo part alone,
the results would be better.
Net Ease : Was it because he grew up within this 1 year?
Hankyung : (he became) mature, he grew up, compared to last time.

Net Ease : Fans really want to take a look at this dance, after《SORRY, SORRY》will we have a new dance?

Hankyung : “Sorry sorry” is really easy, everyone knows how to dance it.
This time, we wanted it to be that we are dancing on stage and everyone is interacting with us in the crowd .It makes everyone feels more “high” so we used a much simpler dance step.
Net Ease : We shall start from Ryeowook, please show the dance move that expresses you the most?
Zhoumi : When we’re dancing, all 7 of us have the same dance moves. So let the 7 of us bring the best and easiest part to bring everyone into the performance, and show it to all of you

(SJ-M performs the dance moves)

Net Ease : Very neat
Hankyung : Because many people who are watching the performance are sitting down, these dance moves allows the people to join us while sitting down, very easy.
Net Ease : I know that Hangeng’s image change this time is really big, it has the “frog turns into a prince” kind of feel?
Hankyung : Personally, I prefer performing. It is like I prefer acting so this is the first time coming in contact with such a role.
A role that is a little silly but after that, starts dancing with a girl. I thought about lots of things while I was dancing; what kind of posture, what kind of dance moves. For example, holding a pair of glasses; it shouldn’t be held this way and should be held using my hands. The posture is slightly more fun, like walking in a silly manner. I felt that it was quite fun.

Net Ease : Speaking of the hit song, Super Girl, every man has a different way of thinking. What is the Super Girl in your heart is like? Everyone can use English, Chinese, Korean or even a drawing to portray the image of the girl in your heart.

(SJM members thinks about the image of the girl in their hearts)

Net Ease : What is Henry looking at? Looking at what everyone is drawing?(laughs)Looks like Siwon is the first to finish, lets get Siwon talk about the one in his heart?
Siwon : Me?
Net Ease : Yes
Siwon : I think my Super Girl is warm and pure.
Net Ease : This is Siwon’s image of the girl in his heart. Lets take a look at what Zhoumi is drawing. What he wrote is quite simple. Its written in Chinese and it says perfect. Must be beautiful inside?
Zhoumi : Yes. I feel that everybody must want their Super Girl to be beautiful on the outside, the more beautiful she is, the better. However, I feel that no matter if the person is a man or a woman, the inner heart is the most important. She must be kind, sensible, understands boys and if she’s also beautiful outside, its even better
Net Ease : Looking at Kyuhyun’s, he wrote “fans”.
Kyuhyun : Fans
Net Ease : This is what Kyuhyun wrote, in his heart, the fans are his most perfect Super Girl image. What about Hangeng?
Hankyung : My mother(laughs). I feel that my mother is considered a strong woman. She worked hard to earn money last time to put me through school and now, she still thinks about my welfare and it is like she went to work just because of me. I really love her.
Net Ease : And now with your current job,(is she) still supporting you silently?
Hankyung : Yes, sometimes, she also nags at me to take good care of my health.(I) feel that my mother is indeed very tiring.
Net Ease : Is there any good ways that you can return her the favour?
Hankyung : By working hard and make her happy. When I have the time, I will bring her around the world for a vacation and play
Net Ease : This is really rare. Lets take a look at Donghae’s.(He)drew something really cute, please explain it.
Donghae : My Super Girl is a girl with a beautiful forehead.
Net Ease : Why is it specially the forehead?
Donghae : Because when I see nice foreheads, I would feel like kissing it(laughs)
Henry :Then Donghae, what is this?
Hankyung : Is it a monk?
Net Ease : Having a forehead is the most important, it doesn’t matter if she has hair or not.
Donghae : If the girl(has a nice forehead),I will kiss her forehead everyday.
Henry : Kiss her forehead?
Donghae : yes
Net Ease : This is Donghae’s image of the girl in his heart. Let’s take a look at Henry’s.
Henry : Hangeng already said my answer.
Net Ease : Yours is also your mother?
Henry : My mother. To me, my mother is the most important woman in my life. My biggest wish is to be more successful now and after that, I will shoulder my parents’ stress.
Net Ease : Its equivalent to supporting the family alone. Let’s take a look at Ryeowook’s, it seems like he drew for quite long. Explain it to everyone?
Ryeowook : This is our fan’s name.
Hankyung : It looks like The Ring*
Ryeowook : (pointing the girl’s hair in his drawing)This is my dream type.

With the more mature image in the new album, the Korean members of the group have also improved in their Mandarin.
Net Ease : Pretty with very beautiful hair. Following this, the net friends must have received good regards. Within the year, each member has also grown, and with Super Girl as the current album’s theme, it is to express the more manly side of them. What do you think that you changed within this year has shown this point? Everyone can either write it on the board or answer.

(SJM members interacts with each other)

Net Ease : Everyone is still interacting with one another, not sure what the changes are at.(laughs)Zhoumi already has his answer so we’ll let him share with us first. The biggest change is your vocals?
Zhoumi: Yes. I felt that during the first album, I was very focused on letting my voice be clear and bright, since it was the first album and I didn’t have much experience. Now releasing a mini album, I felt like making my voice more charming and show it to everyone. When I was recording, I thought about the past year’s performances, practices and I tried to show the more mature guy’s voice that I’ve not been able to show. This is why I thought that this was the most direct performance, comparing it to the songs.
Net Ease : That means your vocals also improved?
Zhoumi:I hope that everyone felt it (laughs) I’m working hard, I hope that everyone felt that my vocals became better.
Hankyung : It should be your confidence that became better.
Zhoumi : I became more confident.
Net Ease : Let’s take a look at what Kyuhyun wrote.
Kyuhyun : Pronunciation
Net Ease : The pronunciation of Chinese words, he could interact better with everyone
Hankyung : His Chinese pronunciation is in reference to his singing, like while recording, he saved lots of time. His Chinese pronunciation is exceptionally good and while he is singing, it sounded the same as the people from China
Net Ease : (do you) like to read Poems?(laughs)
Hankyung : Yes, he really does read
Kyuhyun : (reads a phrase from a Chinese poem)
Net Ease : We can see that everyone’s Mandarin has improved a lot.
Hankyung : Really very hardworking
Net Ease : Let’s look at what Siwon has written
Siwon : My heart has become more mature
Net Ease : It means that your perspectives have changed?
Siwon : It has become much more steadier
Net Ease : This means that last time, you’re much more impulsive and now, you will think through before doing things.
Siwon : Not only me, many other members as well. We look at things in a different manner now
Net Ease: Looking at things in a different perspective. What about Hangeng? Have the fans changed you?
Hankyung : Yes. From Super Junior-M’s first album until now, the fans have done many things for us. During our activities, our work, and our lives, we’ve gone through many experiences and have been affected by many things, fans were the ones to have the greatest affect upon us. Their rigidness and warmness, together with their support for us, it gives us the power to continue to work hard and move on to continue performing on stage and show them our performance. This is why we slowly became more mature and started to think more about things. For example, when the fans did charity work for us and they would give me a CD or a picture on the internet. By helping the children, it fills me with a lot of emotions. I hope to learn from them.
Net Ease : You have lots of thankfulness(towards the fans). Let’s take a look at Donghae’s.
Donghae: I think (its the) eyes.
Net Ease : What is it that is the eyes?
Donghae : Now I feel better. Last time, I felt that the look in my eyes was a little childish but now, I think it is a little deeper.
Net Ease : It means you became more mature. I know that Donghae is considered one of the most childish member in the group.
Hankyung : It is still okay, he isn’t very young after all. Only Henry is still quite small but now…(his) age has increased slightly** (laughs)
Zhoumi : Although Donghae is the older one and Henry is the younger one, Donghae is cuter.
Net Ease : They are all very handsome. Let’s take a look at Henry’s.
Henry : (I became) more mature. I think I’ve matured a lot.
Net Ease : Each of them has matured in a different way, all of them have matured.
Henry : Because I didn’t know many things last time and I was so nervous during variety shows that I didn’t talk much. Now that I know more, after that…
Net Ease : Your Mandarin has also improved a lot.
Henry : Yes, my Mandarin has improved a lot.
Net Ease : It seems like you like the R&B genre of music?
Henry : Yes
Hankyung : Actually when Henry just debuted, there are many things that he didn’t know so we were a little angry with him. If he didn’t know things, why didn’t he know about respect? He said no and said he didn’t know because he was still young at that time but now, he changed.
Henry : They taught me a lot.
Zhoumi : I think we were the ones who witness him growing up from a little boy to a man. Because he just celebrated his 20th birthday a few days ago, he changed from a little boy to an adult.
Net Ease : What about Ryeowook? What does he think about this?
Ryeowook : I want to become more mature.
Net Ease : You want to become more mature?
Ryeowook : yes
Net Ease : Then within this year, in what ways do you think you’ve became more mature?
Ryeowook : I’ve thought about a lot of things this year. Because I’m a Korean and I’m not always at Korea, so I felt that I should have more developments in China as well.
Net Ease : The main thing is that Ryeowook wants to have more developments in China and he also wants his career to be more successful. This is everybody’s manlier thinking. Now, we will be playing a game. I know that everyone has been in China for quite some time and all of you should have eaten quite a lot of Chinese food. I want to play a game with all of you. Everybody would have to say a Chinese food that they know and the one who is unable to continue would have a small punishment. (laughs)
Hankyung : To us, it will be too easy. To them, it will be too difficult.
Net Ease : This is to test how much their Mandarin has improved.
Hankyung : Okay, we shall take it that you are bullying them.
Net Ease : Zhoumi
Zhoumi : Okay, Duck’s neck.
Kyuhyun : Gong bao (Kung pao) chicken.
Siwon : Hotpot
Hankyung : Eastern jasmine, yong fish、tofu、noodles、northeast style bok choy
Donghae : Mapo Beancurd
Net Ease : Do you like to eat spicy food?
Donghae : I like spicy things
Henry : Barbequed Duck,especially the Beijing’s barbequed duck.
Ryeowook : fried shredded pork with sweet and sour sauce
Zhoumi : Hot plate Tofu
Net Ease : Why is it all Tofu?
Zhoumi : Tofu yan
Kyuhyun : Fried rice
Zhoumi : Fried rice is also counted?
Hankyung : Yangzhou’s fried rice should also be counted.
Siwon : Steamed beef
Hankyung : Suan cai cuan rou.You all probably don’t know this, all these are my hometown’s food.
Donghae : China’s ramen, it’s nice.
SJ-M : (laughs)
Henry : fermented bean curd
Ryeowook : Fried pork
Net Ease : Everyone has eaten the nice food, this is no difficulty to anyone.
Hankyung : (laughs)
Net Ease : Can everyone say something to the fans? I know that everyone is very thankful to the fans and the fans have also prepared many gifts. Say something to the fans and thank them.
Ryeowook : I love you.
Net Ease : very simple 3 words
Henry : I’m very thankful to the love that the fans have given us towards out support. If there isn’t all of you, we would never had this chance. We will continue working hard.
Net Ease : Hangeng?
Hankyung : I should be thanking everyone, including our fans.
Net Ease : and the media?
Hankyung : Yes, they’ve been giving lots of attention and support towards Super Junior -M and I hope to produce even better music to repay the fans who has been supporting us. We will always remember what you’ve given to us. I love all of you.
Siwon : I’m really thankful to all of you for waiting for our new album so patiently. For all the love you’ve given us, I’m really thankful (as well). I will continue to work hard.
Net Ease : He spoke really well.
Siwon : really? Thank you.
Kyuhyun : Give me a call.
SJ-M : (laughs)
Hankyung : Please call me first. I should say that my phone number is at the bottom of the screen. (laughs)

With Super Show 2 Concert still ongoing, SJM will comeback with their second full album early next year.

Zhoumi : I hope that everyone can anticipate SJM like before, because for the past year the love from the fans that we gained was really a lot, the understanding that they showered us with is our biggest support, no matter if it is Henry, me or the SJM members, we will still continue to work hard. Because our 2nd mini album is out, following it might be an official one, not a mini 2nd album, but an official 3rd album, 4th album and CFs etc etc, we hope that everyone can continue to support us, we will continue to work hard.
SJ-M : (applause)
Net Ease : I know that this September you held a concert in Hongkong and you performed a song from the mini album called “Blue Tomorrow”. It is a really nice song, a moving ballad, can you perform it for us right now?
Hankyung : Then we will sing a chorus of the song
(SJ-M sings the chorus of “Blue Tomorrow” live)
Net Ease : (applause)
SJ-M : Thank you.
Reporter : A really nice song. I think that their voices have really changed, and it sounds nicer. This album’s promotion just started, after this will you release another official 2nd album?
Hankyung : Currently, our new mini album has just been released, other than this album activities, there is still SJ’s concert, it will be at Shanghai, Nanjing and Beijing, or at other places in Asia, like Malaysia, Thailand and other countries. In this period of time, not only in China, Taiwan or Hongkong, we have a hectic schedule Thus, we are trying our very best to prepare the official SJ-M 2nd album early next year.
Net Ease : We will be anticipating the album.
Hankyung : Okay.

Members answers netizens questions, Henry plays his violin live.

Net Ease : We gathered some fan’s questions from our site and it is for everyone. Please help to answer the questions. First is Hangeng’s, fan Xinxuan asks, “As an artiste, is there anything you are unhappy about? If you can go back to being a normal person, what would you want to do?”
Hankyung : Actually in this line of work, I think of it like a normal job, just that while working there are more people watching us, but in life I’m still Hangeng. I hope everyone watches over my work but not on my life, I hope that everyone uses this attitude to watch over me. If I can go back to being a normal person, I can accept. I can be a teacher or do some business. Anything is possible. Therefore I’m not afraid of being thrown back to the bottom because there is where I started climbing up my ladder of success
Net Ease : Very confident.
Hankyung : Yes.
Net Ease : Fan Zongzong would like to ask Siwon, the lyrics of the solo you sang, “Who am I”, at SS2 is very touching, why did you choose to sing this song?
Siwon : Firstly, I really like this song and also because of my belief, I hope that everyone can listen to this song more often. Plus, I really like this group.
Net Ease : You like this song and this group because of your belief. Fan Xiaoxi would like to ask Ryeowook, “You danced a really sexy dance during the concert and the fans really enjoyed it. Can you demonstrate a little for us now?”
Ryeowook: (laughs) It’s a bit difficult now, because I don’t have a partner.
Net Ease : Just demonstrate a little will do?
Ryeowook : (laughs) Its better if everyone sees it in the concert.
Net Ease : Let the fans watch the sexy performance in the concert. Fan ‘Peach Pudding’ would like to ask Henry, “Henry it has been a long time since I heard you play the violin, can you play for us during this mini album promotion activity?”
Henry : I will, definitely.
Net Ease : What are you going to be performing?
Henry : Actually if it is the violin…
Net Ease : Do you have time?
Henry : Yes I do.
Net Ease : Will you play it live?
Henry : Sure.
Net Ease : Just play a little.
Henry : This is a song that I kept listening to, a really nice song. I have always wanted to perform this but I never had the chance.
Net Ease : You can use this chance to perform but firstly, can you tell us what the title of the song is?
Henry : I will let you guess, you should know.
(Henry plays his violin)
Net Ease : Jason Mraz’s single “I’m Yours”, do you like this kind of simple more traditional music or do you just prefer this kind of European music?
Henry : Yes, because I will feel relaxed listening to this song.
Net Ease : Very sweet.
Hankyung : Actually I think that listening to this song in the car will make you feel relaxed.
Net Ease : Very relaxing. Another question is for Kyuhyun, a fan asked, “Have you considered acting in a drama, your acting is quite good, if you could act in Boys Over Flowers, who would you want to act as?”
Kyuhyun : (laughs) If I could act in the drama, I would prefer to act as Gu Jun Pyo’s character.
SJ-M : (laughs)
Kyuhyun : If I could really act in the drama.
Net Ease : A fan asks Zhoumi. “This Mooncake festival you could not go back to your hometown, thus you did not celebrate your mother’s birthday, as you were busy preparing for the album, do you have anything to tell your mother?”
Zhoumi : Actually I did come back on the second day of the mid autumn. Because my grandfather is sick and that day was my Mother’s birthday. Actually, I wanted to help my mother celebrate her birthday but because my Grandfather is very sick, I had to go back to take care of my Grandfather instead. Because my Grandfather is very old and it will be very taxing to do an operation. So I would want everyone to take good care of their health as being healthy is money, it’s very important, you definitely cannot overlook this.
Net Ease : The last question is to Donghae. “Leaving China for a period of time and now returning to China, do you have a different feeling? This time when you return to China, it’s your birthday. What special feelings do you have to celebrate your birthday in China?”
Donghae : You talk very fast. (laughs)
SJ-M : (laughs)
Donghae : Now it feels as if China is also my home. What I eat and many other things are also very in sync,like my own home.
Net Ease : The fans prepared a birthday cake for you, let us get the crew members to bring it up.
SJ-M: Wow! (applause)
Net Ease : Later we will celebrate a very meaningful birthday. We thank Super Junior-M for guesting at our Net Ease Entertainment’s Super Face to Face. Thanks for all the attention, thank you everyone.
SJ-M : Hello, we are Super Junior-M! Thank you, bye bye!

*The movie where the Japanese ghost has long hair and crawls out from the TV
**means he grew older.

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