@0:00 MC: a person with a lot of Music Energy. Hangeng student~ Let’s welcome him.
@0:18 MC: greet everyone here~
@0:19 HG: very happy to see everyone here today
@0:24 MC: There’s actually a lot of fans here today
@0:26 MC: Of course I feel like the reason you came here, today is not only to see fans but also to present to the teachers.
@0:34 MC: Let’s invite our teachers up here, ok ?
@0:37 MC: Welcome our musicians to come up, welcome.

@1:01 MC: What’s your feelings right now, now that you’ve met them.
@1:05 HG: uh, too spectacular.
@1:09 HG: Yeah I think .. uh
@1:11 MC: are you talking about their weight?
@1:14 HG: In front of Teacher Gao I can’t say anything.
@1:16 HG: Actually I’m. kind of nervous. kind of nervous
@1:19 HG: in front of these 5..uh 4 people’s music, i feel really nervous.
@1:24 MC: Your nervousness is written all over your face
@1:27 MC: Then how about this, what did you use to think of these musicians on stage here.
@1:31 MC: your impressions, feelings.
@1:35 HG: Actually, uhm. All four of them are really excellent.
@1:42 HG: The young-adults today are all influenced by these teachers’ classic songs, and fell in love with music.
@1:51 MC: these teachers don’t like hearing that you heard their music growing up
@1:55 HG: at that time I was still in school, haha.

@2:00 HG: Teacher Gao’s album, and uhm Teacher Yuan’s are all really good
@2:11 HG: and these two teacher’s albums.
@2:20 MC: If this time, these 4 people, plus Teacher Xiao Ke, come together to prepare an album for you. To produce a song.
@2:27 MC: Because your point in coming here today is to be in this event
also right?
@2:34 MC: So if they were to produce a song for you, what type of song do you want?
@2:37 HG: I…am kind of greedy
@2:39 HG: If there’s a chance, I hope all 5 teachers can create an album for me.
@2:48 MC: What kind of person can afford to invite all 5 of these teachers.
@2:53 HG: It’s not a small wish, right?
@2:56 MC: Let’s ask the teachers here today, one by one.

@3:08 GAO: Uh… I really like him. I saw his performance. And I think that his dance performances are very great.
@3:13 MC: Oh, so you really like him!
GAO: Yes, so I would still, because we’re helping produce a song right?
@3:18 – MC: Yes. \GAO: I feel like I’ll creating a dance song for him.
@3:23 – MC: Teacher Gao, you’re gonna produce a dance song?!\GAO: I can do it.
MC: You can right?
@3:28 GAO: Just for Hangeng, you’re making changes, so we’ll still enjoy it.
@3:30 MC: Wow, this is kind of lively now.
@3:34 MC: Teacher Yuan are you gonna give him a song like S.H.E.’s ?
@3:36 YUAN: I’m actually more fortunate than all of them, because I’m already preparing an album with Hangeng.
@3:44 YUAN: Thank you! Thank you! Hangeng is very great artist.
@3:47 YUAN: He’s counted recently, in Mainland, in the Chinese Music Industry,
as a very talented artist.
@3:53 YUAN: So, the fact that I will be working with him is very expected to me as well.
@3:58 YUAN: I’ll still include my own style, it’ll contain a little folk rhyme or ballad.

@4:03 YUAN: Maybe it’ll contain a little soothing songs.
@4:06 YUAN: or something that’ll make you touched.
@4:08 MC: You always hint us with so much, but in the end it’s like you’ve said nothing.
@4:10 YUAN: What’s with you~ \MC: Why do you always give us this bit hints?
@4:14 YUAN: I’m also not gonna reveal any more, if I continue, then Xiao Ke will know.
@4:18 MC: Okay, okay. Teacher Zhang.

@4:21 ZHANG: I’ve disscussed about it with Hangeng. After that… uh…
@4:26 ZHANG: I don’t think it’ll be an album…
@4:28 ZHANG: But it’ll mostly be something that will have direct links about
music and dances…@4:33 ZHANG: But anyways, I won’t tell more since Teacher Yuan knows about it already…
@4:38 MC: Okay, Teacher Huang, just then, Hangeng said he really likes to listen to your music.
@4:43 HUANG: I feel that, dance music, that’s what I really like.
@4:46 – HUANG: But, what is the kind of music I gave to everyone?
HUANG: The rock&roll style.

@5:00 MC: Hangeng, you need to officially announce it now.
@5:02 MC: I feel like with so many teachers here and also, they all expressed their ideas.
@5:06 HG: Uhh, I’m kind of nervous and very excited.
@5:11 MC: You guys landlord today is expressing a very foolish side of himself.
@5:15 HG: Because I’ve been preparing for this for quite a time already.
@5:19 HG: I also hope that I can work on better productions for everyone, as a gift to you guys.
@5:24 HG: so i also hope there’ll be a better oppurtunity to work with all the teachers.
@5:30 MC: Thanks, and welcome hangeng to our event.

Transcripted by: 눈웃음 (: & snowyelf@sj-world.net

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