100122 A nice to bully fool
Eunhyuk: Once, before debut, we had an outdoor activity. When the activity finished, we decided to get some noodles from the food stands. As I was wearing formal suits, and my cold hands are in the pockets, I guessed I looked like some deliquent. The drunk guy beside me shouted to us, "Oi, kids", but we didn't catch it, and were still discussing what to eat. He then raised his volum, "Did you hear me?". Only then did we responded, and he said, "Other than you guys, who else would I be talking to? Oi, you better get your hands out of your pockets!"
As I didn't want to create any more trouble, I took them out of my pokcets, the members asked why he treated us like that......
Leeteuk: Your story is too nice. The weather that day was super cold, so we all put our hands in our pockets and discussed what to eat. All of a suden this guy shouted at us, "That bunch of dyed hair kids...... Oi! Take your hands out of your pockets!" We know that the guy was picking at us, so we wanted to ignore him, preventing more trouble. Who knows Eunhyuk turned his head right at the moment and they had eye contact, and I think you (EH) looked like a person who can be bullied, so he shouted at you, "Yes you! Take them out!" That's why Eunhyuk took his hands out......
Eunhyuk: I did it so as to avoid more trouble, our manager said something nice to the guy so it was settled. Anyways, there are also a lot of people who looks for faults in people also.

100128 4JIB in recording process?
Ryeowook guested in KTR, and when it was ending, he expressed his thoughts and leaked afew plans.
Leeteuk: Ryeowook, you didn't come to KTR for such a long time, let's say something to the fans.
Ryeowook: Everyone had waited for so long, we, Super Junior, ......
Leeteuk: Will we have a Comeback?
Ryeowook: Should be...... We are now recording, please look forward to it, wait for us.
Leeteuk: Yeap, we are also looking forward to it.

100204 Eunhyuk gets leftover soup
Leeteuk: Once, Eunhyuk suddenly ran over to me and said, "Hyung! I ate with Sangwoo-hyungnim!"
"What? What did you say?"
"Kwon Sangwoo-ah, I ate with him!"
So I asked, "You knew him?"
The fact is that before debut, Eunhyuk, Junsu and Sungmin were eating at a ham casserole shop, and Kwon Sangwoo was sitting next to them. After he finished eating, he left and Eunhyuk went over to his table and drank the leftover soup......
Eunhyuk: I went over as soon as he left, so there isn't much difference......

Source: Kim Seohye's CY
Translation: (L) @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Fyi, I have permission to translate her translations.

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