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XIAH junsu debuted with an image of a sexy and mature man; what does he want to express through the album “XIAH”?

Using the sale of his solo album on 26th May as a starting point, XIAH junsu’s activities has officially began!

Regarding this work, JunSu has been assessed to be much more mature than before and as to what JunSu himself thinks, we will reveal it to everyone in the details of our interview below.

“Expressing the sexy and sorrowful side of men at the same time”

XIAH junsu’s solo activities has started. As news of this spread, it has instantly caught the attention of Japan.

At that time, the sole question on every fan’s heart had been, for a multi-talented artiste who possess an unsurpassable ability in both vocals and in stage performances, what will he bring to us when he goes solo? We find the answer to this question in the album “XIAH”.

Firstly, I personally like the first track “Intoxication”, which fully expresses the R&B style of the aura of a sexy, mature and charming man. This is one of the interludes included in BeeTV’s television drama ““Beautiful Love~只要有你”, starring fellow group member Yuchun as the main lead. This track is also self-composed and arranged by JunSu himself.

“As a solo [artiste] this time, I wanted to try out the R&B style of African American music. Even though the style differs from what I have been doing, I wanted to express a sexy and mature side to everyone, and this song aptly does that. I am very pleased with the parts where we used the stringed instrument and guitar for accompaniment; while displaying the sexiness of a man, it also brings out a slightly sad side. I think this track is probably the track to listen to.”

Taking into consideration the integration of the track, JunSu’s view of wanting to increase the proportion of English lyrics was also adopted. Furthermore, JunSu also exuded a unique charm while expressing the international language.

“We also emphasized on the rhyme in the line ‘Going to find your secret honey’. As for this song, as it is a R&B-styled song, we paid a lot more attention to the melody and rhythm. The final recording was completed after making a lot of improvements while making the song challenging at the same time.”

Through the PV, we can really see and call that a real charming dance.

“For this track, the dance for the chorus was already planned out while we were in the midst of composing, so [the track] was produced based on the image of the dance moves. That’s why you can perceive parts of the dance moves in the song. Even though it is not a very intense atmosphere, and there is a sense of hesitation, it is still quite dashing on the whole.”

“While I presented a Western-like R&B style of music, I also wanted a ballad where everyone could experience a sense of sadness.”

This album also includes the theme song of BeeTV’s television drama “Beautiful Love~只要有你~”, “君がいれば~Beautiful Love~”. A world that belongs to XIAH junsu is described through a different style, which at the same time allows the listeners to feel thoroughly involved.

JunSu’s masterpiece “悲しみのゆくえ(Kanashimi no Yukue)”, which is available only in this CD version, has also been selected to be the theme song of another of BeeTV’s television drama “[5年后のラブレター] (Love Letters From 5 Years Later)”. The exact opposite of “Intoxication”, this track is a touching song that is filled with sorrowful emotions.

“While I presented a Western-like R&B style of music, I also wanted a ballad where everyone could experience a sense of sadness. There is no strong rhythm throughout this entire song, nor any accompaniment, only the interpretation through a single voice. By this, there is a more realistic interpretation of a man’s inner fragility. Personally I really like the line that goes ‘Happiness to me, compared to an end, a change will cause more loneliness’ because I really empathize with it. I hope that when everyone listens to this song, they will recall a past love that they once had.”

In addition, JunSu, JaeJung and Yuchun, who are currently developing their respective talents, will, as a unit, launch their first “JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME” event. We believe the trio’s power will be unstoppable in Japan.

source: Yahoo! Japan Music + POP + baiduTVXQ
translation: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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