Korea’s girl groups’ marketing wars are also being sighted in online malls! Having the girls model for a product is always sighted. They are also selling T-shirts that the girls have design themselves. And they are selling clothing and accessories used in Music Videos.

(www.dnshop.com) is selling albums for popular idol group, ‘4Minute’s ‘What A Girl Wants’ song until 11/15/09.

This online mall chose the individuality style and chart-topping 4 Minute. They are selling albums for 4 Minute and have chosen the styles of each member of this 5 member group for the results when people search ‘2009 Fall Fashion.’

InterPark (www.interpark.com) is holding auctions for popular girl groups Girl’s Generation and f(x)’s preformance clothes. This is getting lots of attentions from fans because these clothes are the ones that the girls actually wore during a preformance or for a Music Video.

They are planning to spend the money earned for a good cause. The auction will end on November 2nd. At 5PM.

InterPark is also selling T-shirts that Girls Generation made themselves. Girls generation has made these T-shirts with love and drew a picture of a Loving Meal.

11st (www.11st.co.kr) has clothes that are catching the eyes of people in their 10’s and 20’s. Popular girl group, 2NE1 is modeling for them and has made a T.V commercial and events for 11st.

In 2NE1’s commercial they mentioned free shipping which is catching lots of attention. Together with 2NE1 you can see lots of good fashionable clothing. Right now with Halloween coming soon, an event, ‘A Sweet and Scary Halloween party with 2NE1′ is in session .

Translated by: Coupon @ ygsecret21.com
Credit: letsplay2ne1.wordpress.com

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