Fan’s question: Tell me which musician affected you most.

YongHwa: My favorate genre has been changed often since I was a child. Then I heard Bon Jovi’s ‘Everyday’ and ‘Always’, I just realized ‘Ah a band is such a cool stuff’. Since then, I’ve loved Bon Jovi till now.
Beomsoo: Bon Jovi has been about 30 years already. But they are still in Billboard top ten when they release new song.
Do you want to be that old band?
Yonghwa : Yes, our goal is to be a grandpa band.
Beomsoo: Grandpa band, You can do it definitely.
Yonghwa : Thank you.

JungShin: You may think I’m grotesque. My favorite song is Mr. Big – Daddy brother lover little boy. My friends recommended their live video, so I watched it. They played guitar and bass by pick put on drill machine. That was my first time hearing hard rock. I learned there was this kind of music in the world. It was hard, but I loved it. I was attracted by band music. A band has power. Since then, I wanted to be in the band.
Beomsoo: You have such pretty looking face, then attracted by playing guitar by pick put on drill machine, you’re scary. Many guitarists are attracted by playing by teeth or playing with leaning your head back.
Yonghwa : People are hooked by those things at first.

JongHyun: I like bands but the musician I admire for my whole life is Eric Clapton.
Beomsoo: Do you know Eric Clapton in your age?
JongHyun: I had fallen in blues for long time.
Beomsoo: You have such depth. Which part was most attractive to you?
JongHyun: He was aged, he was sitting and singing with just a guitar. He was the most adorable person I’ve ever seen.
Beomsoo: You were that adorable just before.
JongHyun: That is an overstatement.
Beomsoo: Famous dance singer visited Korea not long ago, and said ‘The most important thing to a musician is music.’
CNBLUE has solid musical base, it makes your handsome outlook glitter more.

MinHyuk: I also had prejudice and preconception against band music. I thought band music is just hard, rock or metal music. And I got to hear Maroon 5, and it made me realize that a band music can also make my body excited. What I heard often was ‘She will be loved’, ‘This love’ and ‘Wake up call’. These songs are what made me learn the diversity of band music.

Min Hyuk said he lost his egg shaker, he asked viewers if anyone see blue egg shaker, bring it to him.

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