October COOL Magazine interview.

C: Cool

V: Victoria
A: Amber
L: Luna
K: Krystal.

C: Debuting through a "Showcase" concept, how does it feel?

V: At that moment when i stepped on the stage, I suddenly
felt that "this is gonna be the most important moment in
my life". Because I really hoped that we can be like by
everyone. I seriously felt nervous and I had the urge to
rush to the toilet very often. *laughs* And i felt a sudden relief
the moment our Showcase ended. Very thankful for the hardwork
of every member, and of course very happy that we had a
successful and safe performance!

A: I was VERY nervous before our debut showcase, i couldn't even
think right! This made me realise that it is what I had to
improve on, so that I can be better!

L: It was a pity that we couldn't show our 100% during the showcase
like what we practiced because we were too nervous, but I know that
we have tried our very best.

S: It was the my 1st time standing in front of so many press and fans.
A very mix emotion, and my heart was beating so fast!

K: Showcase was the 1st time we stood on the stage in front of everyone.
Everybody gave their best show, we are very proud of it and we are
getting "attach" with the stage. Everyone of us still feel nervous before
any performance but whenever the fancheer starts,it really boost our
confidence alot!

C: How much will you rate f(x) debut with a total of 10?

V: I give us a 6.5? *laughs*

A: I will rate it a 4 (o.O Amber,thats too low~~~)

S: I will also give it a 4 as it is our 1st performance and I am sure
we have lots of improvement to do and work on, to show
everyone a better f(x) (aww.. i just wanna say Hwaiting!!)

L: A good start is another step to success, i will give 5 points.
Thereafter, f(x) will be giving more other images.

K: 8 points! Everyone worked hard for it to be successful!

C: There were quite a number of friends and senior who attended f(x)'s
Showcase. What were some of the encouraging words?

V: They said that we had put up a great performance, and that "from this
real moment, never give up, work hard and we can be the best"

A: They told us not to be afraid and show them what we had learnt.

S: Senior Sunny and EeTeuk encouraged by telling us "to work hard
and you will see that it is worth it"

L: "Do not forget this moment.. "

K: Most of our seniors chatted with us because they knew that we were
nervous, and they told us lots of interesting things which happened to them.
After the showcase, they complimented us and told us to continue working
hard for our dreams.

C: From the formation of f(x) till the debut, there must be some interesting
moments? Please share with us.

V: Because I was the eldest and the leader from the trainee period, I
felt stress and also I have a heavy responsibility. I still remember that
we were practising one day during my birthday and they did a suprise
birthday party for me! Everyone was practising, Luna and Amber started
quarreling with each other out of a sudden. I tried to talk them out, but
they ended up leaving the room in anger. Krystal followed them out, saying
she will try to talk it out with them. I was very sad in the room and started
to cry as I talked with Sulli. Not long after, the members and other staffs
walked in with a big cake! I cried even harder because it was a prank, but I
am really happy to have them by my side. (lol,im like smiling as i translate this!)

A: As for me, i think whats most memorable is how other members tried to make
me a "girl". *laughs* They taught me how to do sexy movements, how to put
on makeup and stuffs which I never thought of doing in the past, haha.
I have not thought about being girly? (Gahh~ thats cute! )

C: f(x) is a math equation which stands for infinity, so as a rookie, what are your
current goals and future dreams?

V: Taking Asia as a goal, we hope to have activities in Korea, China Japan and
other Asia countries. And if possible, we would like to get support from
places outside Asia and perform for them too.

K: We have members with different nationalities and we are able to communicate
in other languages too. And each member stands out in her own personality which
makes f(x) special. We hope to showcase different styles of music, and become
a group that everyone likes for long.

S: With our different nationalities member, we should be able to get closer to
fans in other countries, which makes us different from other groups. Our long
term goal is to be a Hot Icon in Asia, Best POP Dance group in Asia.
We will work towards our goal, please support us!

A: We dont wanna be fixed with an image. We hope f(x) can help other
people find a character for themself and we want to be the lead in trend.

C: Debut song LA chA TA is a fast-tempo dance song, how did f(x) felt when
they heard it?

A: I find it interesting and I feel that people will not get sick of this song even
if they were to listen it a thousand times.. (LOL! True)

S: LA chA TA ,is a new word which is made up with the meaning of extreme
happiness, it is kind of special with a upbeat tempo.

K: It is a very trendy song and I think it goes well with our images.

C: As compared with other girlgroups which have a stronger male-fans base,
f(x) is abit different as most of your fans are females. Was it what f(x)
expected? Why do you think that f(x) has more females appeal?

A: I have never expected this hahaha! Probrably because each member
has a very definite personality and fans like the combination
of our personalities?

S: We are very happy for every fans love. I believe the main reason for this
female appeal is Amber unni.It must be her boyish and unique
personality which drew the female fans interest. *laughs*

L: Never thought of this too. Because of all the fans support, we really
felt love, we really thank everyone, and also our Amber unni~

K: I really understand Amber's charisma, so I had kind of expected
this turnout. *laughs* But i am very happy that we are more
looked after and loved than what I expected. We will work even harder
in the future, and it will be perfect to have more male fans too~! *laughs*

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