Taemin prepared a special surprise for Na-Eun and the rest of A Pink members on the August 10 installment of MBC’s ‘We Got Married’.

The SHINee member wanted a way to congratulate A Pink, and especially Na-Eun, on their return to the music scene with “NoNoNo“. Because SHINee was overseas promoting in Japan, Taemin recruited the help of his SM labelmates and hoobaes EXO.

EXO suddenly arrived in A Pink’s waiting room at a music show, and not only did the boys perform a special version of their song “Wolf“, they even barbecued Korean meat and prepared Ssam for the girls. Taemin made sure to request the BBQ as Na-Eun is a huge fan. One of the members wore a Taemin mask and also handed off a rosary bracelet to Na-Eun, who previously mentioned to Taemin that she had lost hers.

When the couple talked on the phone later, they made sure to tell each other they missed the other, but what really caught the attention of Taemin is the fact that Na-Eun said, “I love you.”

Source: allkpop

Article by: Mana

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