The September issue of ‘Cosmopolitan‘ is filled with gorgeous male celebrities, including participants 2PM member Taecyeon, 2AM member Jinwoon, BEAST member Junhyung, Kim Ji Suk, Verbal Jint, Kim Woo Bin, and several others. If that’s not enough, the interview themed ‘Secret Confession’ will have the stars stumbling out their secrets!

Taecyeon revealed if he was truly interested in a girl, he would lose all ability to talk or look at her, and follow through to heartbreak.

If the idol were to propose, he has a hidden romantic fantasy of proposing at San Marco in Venice. He hinted that he would sing their couple song and then proceed to unveil the ring.

Kim Woo Bin admitted that he finds girls with a beautiful smile, the sexiest, and also talked about his past relationship with an ex.

Make sure to read the rest when you grab a copy of Cosmopolitan!


Source: allkpop

Article by: Emily

Edited by: Karolina


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