The guest for this week is... SHINee! Yes. I was waiting for this one. The boys appeared on the radio show to promote their new song, "Ring Ding Dong." They performed this song off their new mini album along with "Y.O.U." Onew sang a solo cover of Lim Jeonghee's "Clockwork." Other video cuts can be seen below as well as official pictures.

“Ring Ding Dong” & “Y.O.U” (w/ SHINee)

“Clockwork” (cover by SHINee’s Onew)

“Get Down” (w/ SHINee)

Intro + Outro (w/ SHINee)

Tae Yeon and Her Big Teddy Bear Oppa

Tae Yeon: “Hitch-hiking, Ohh”
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