On this week's Chin Chin, Gavy NJ was one of the guests. They performed their new single, "Sunflower" and even covered S.E.S's "Running". It's different seeing the girls with no make-up and casual clothes on rather then their extravagant appearance on stage, eh? Either way, it's nice seeing the girls promoting once again. As always, check out the awesome vids and pics below!!!

100210 Chin Chin - "Sunflower" (w/ Gavy NJ)

100210 Chin Chin - "달리기 [Running]" (Cover by Gavy NJ)

Oh, and some special videos of Tae Yeon, of course!!!

Flowergirl Tae Yeon (100210 Chin Chin)

100210 Chin Chin - SNSD's "Oh!" (w/ Tae Yeon)

Tae Yeon Needs a Massage Chair (100210 Chin Chin)

Tae Yeon: "Yo, Yo, Yo" (100210 Chin Chin)
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