After having been spotted going to the movie theater together, SHINee’s Jonghyun has clarified the dating rumors surrounding between him and Nine Muses member, Kyungri.

On August 11th, Jonghyun tweeted, “I see community sites have been talking about me a lot. To tell you the fact, I went to the movies with my friends, and they’re just my friends not celebrities. I hope no harm comes to those who had nothing to do with it.”

He added, “I found out because my friend sent me a picture. I’m happy to know that there’re many people who care about me, but it’s late and you should get to bed. I’m sorry to those who are surprised to the news. Even though it’s something that I don’t have to be sorry about, I’m still sorry.”

The post came after photos and rumors quickly spread on online communities claiming that Jonghyun had went on a movie date with Nine Muses member, Kyungri.
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