Between October 14th and 15th, boy group SEVENTEEN dropped two short MV teasers for their upcoming title track, ‘Home Run’. The song comes off their upcoming special album, ‘Semicolon’. Check them both out down below!


The first 12 second clip shows the members walking inside an old train in warm toned suits. Seeing a diamond in a shop’s window, the group gather curiously. The cut moves to them throwing cards at each other at a table and them jumping up in joy at the entrance of a fluorescent theatre. Member Hoshi swings a baseball bat before we see the diamond, now on a blue surface, swiped away. The number of successive shots in this teaser cause intrigue into the group’s new track.


Watching the other, now 17 second video, we see more of the choreography. Switching between the earlier suits and more casual attires, the changes in formations and free movements within the dance show the group’s charisma during their performances. Other than the dance, the teaser started with the whole group staring at the diamond on a now known blue pool table. Some members seem they were killed by others in fighting for the diamond as member DK now swings a baseball bat, apt for the name of the track.

Throughout both teasers, we hear a snippet of the song. Starting with a piano, the whole track has an upbeat feel similar to a musical with its playfulness.

The group have thus far released concept photos, the track list and commentary on those tracks as teasers ahead of this special album. The track listing in particular is unique as the album will consist of six tracks: two with the whole group and four as different units based on the members ages (those born in 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998).

SEVENTEEN‘s special album, ‘Semicolon’, featuring the title track, ‘Home Run’, will be released on October 19th, 6PM KST!

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