Actor Ryu Shi Won, who is currently in the middle of the divorce proceedins, was accused of tracking, threatening and assaulting his wife and prosecution has proposed an eight-month prison sentence for him.

Ryu Shi Won married his wife, Jo Soo In, in 2010 and they have one daughter. Jo decided to fill for divorce two years later claiming to have 150 audio recordings of the actor hitting and threatening her.

She revealed that she began recording their conversations in May of 2011, when Ryu Shi Won put a GPS tracking device to her car to know her whereabouts. Even though she tried to talk to him about him, he became hostile.

One of the recordings have the actor threatening Jo Soo In, saying, “I’ll kill you. I know a lot of bad people. Wherever you go, whatever you do, I can get a picture of you. I’m someone you should be scared of.”

Following this conversation, he decided to attach a tracking device to her cell phone as well. During the investigation, Ryu admitted that he indeed put the tracking devices into her car and phone, but he claimed that he did it only for her own good, saying, “I only did it for the safety of my wife and young daughter.”

Jo also revealed that she has evidence of Ryu Shi Won physically assaulting her, citing one instance when he slapped her face. The actor denied the accusations. He stated, “I never slapped my wife. And although I may have spoken harshly to her, it was merely a verbal fight and there was no physical violence.”

Even though he admitted that he failed in caring for their marriage, he calls his wife’s charges fraudulent and says that he only cares about his daughter’s welfare and what she will think of him.

He shared, “I no longer have any interest in the entertainment industry. I am willing to do anything for my daughter. I don’t want her to see me as the father who did the things I am accused of doing.”

Ryu also apologized to his fans, “I am sorry it ended up this way. I honestly don’t really have anything else to say. For me, my family and daughter are everything. As a parent, I need to show my daughter that I am trying to protect the family.”


Source: kdramastars

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