From UEE's successful debut in the drama "You're Beautiful" here comes her very own Drama project entitled "Birdie Buddy".

There's no exact date yet on when this drama will be aired but for UEE's fans who are interested here's the Synopsis of this drama.

Sung Mi Soo (UEE) is a happy and tough girl from a poor farm family in the rural, mountainous Gangwon Province. Mi Soo dreams of becoming a famous national professional golfer eversince she got an accidentally chance of touching a no.8 golf club when she was young as her mom was working as a caddy. Since then, Mi Soo is fated to 'walk on' the road full of difficulties to conquer the world of golf. But then, she has to learn as well that there are no rules in golf that can be applied in the game of love as she got into a triangular love relationship with John Lee, the charismatic PGA cup holder and Min Hae Ryung, the heiress of World Golf Resort who has both talent and beauty.

DramaStyle for the Synopsis

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