Another me2day update to start the day, here's our update from the Queen of me2day Dara! Even with the beautiful roses her beauty and charm stands out!

"Try~ thinking about it carefully. Our first anniversary has passed…ㅋ I’m not allowed to date for 3 years… but one year has already passed…so only two years left…right? Right?! Oh my God!!!ㅠㅠ So good… But I don’t have a guyㅋㅋ Good night!^.^ㅋ"

We've got some good news and bad news here, Dara and the rest of 2ne1 are not allowed to date until the end of their contract but the good news is a year has passed so that means you only have to wait 2 years more until you can have a date with Dara plus another good news is that she doesn't have a guy yet, that's a relief that she is not secretly dating. =D

Translation by: AA-CHAN
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