I am always worried about Tae Yeon for having too much work besides all those promotional activites as the leader of SNSD.

If you are a huge fan of SNSD,you will feel so sorry if you don't know that SNSD's Tae Yeon is the DJ of Chin Chin Radio.

I am always concerned whether Tae Yeon has enough rest because she needs to attend so many activities daily,but it seems that dorky leader Tae Yeon really enjoys her lofe as a DJ of Chin Chin Radio,as you can see in the recent official photos of Chin Chin Radio,she is having a lot of delicious food during the show,she is even luckier that other members as she has the opportunity to meet with other guests on the show!

A recent video of Tae Yeon on Chin Chin listening "Sweet Taeng",she seems to be enjoying the song...haha

Chin chinTae yeon

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