Firstly,disclaimer here.These cards below are not some official products of SM Entertainment,these cards are only some fanmade artworks!!

I was pretty shocked when i saw these cards,i used to be a kid who has grown up with Pokemon cards and of course i am interested in these Soshimon cards as well.

The one who made these cards really know the girls really well,he/she knows the special abilities of the girls,their weakness as well as the girls' real name.

I am pretty impressed with those cards below and i think i should share with you guys here!

Have a look at those cards and have some laughs please.....Yuri's weakness is "Bears" (Tae Woo) Lol!!

Kudos to oniontx @ Soompi for sharing the Soshimon Cards!!

Will be updated with the cards of other members when they are available!
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