Hi,sorry for not being able to post these few days due to busy school works as exam is nearby.

Found some preview photos of SNSD's Yuri and Sunny for the 2nd episode of "Invincible Youth"!You must be surprused with the title of my post right?I think many of you know that Kim Tae Woo has confessed in a show before saying that she admired SNSD's Yuri,he managed to get through all the hard time in army looking at Yuri's photo,i guess Yuri has really helped him a lot.

Kim Tae Woo is lucky enough to work with Yuri in KBS's New show "Invincible Youth",as you can see in the photo above,Yuri is feeding Tae Woo....Kim Tae Woo must be very excited with that leaving Yuri' fanboys in jaelousy.

Other photos of the 2nd episode of "Invincible Youth" can be seen here too,the 2nd episode of "Invincible Youth" will be aired on 30th October!

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