The female main character of PD Pyo Min Soo's drama 'Coffee House', T-ara's Ham Eunjung, revealed another photo after the cartoon self-camera. She revealed a 'playing alone' photo.

All her scenario practice and tired image while filming the drama, also those photos of her filming a dining scene and drinking scene brought some laughs.

Ham Eunjung portrays Kang Seung-yeon, a newbie to the society who becomes a writer's secretary from a hopeless unemployed girl, becoming pro from amateur and going through all kinds of troubles.

On the other side, 'Coffee House' will have their first broadcast on the 17th. This is another drama by Pyo Min Soo PD who directed 'Full House' before. They will held a press conference on 10th May - 2PM, at SBS Dream Center (Mok-dong) for this romantic-comedy drama.

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