I know, its not kpop related but hey! he is owned by one of the top selling solo artist there is, leader of the hottest boy group with the most swagg, so its related right?

Yes.... i have also been wondering where the hell gaho is, but looks like our questions are going to be answered!

Gaho has been safe playing in the snow during winter, playing with kids, and which looks like sean's son... you know... little taeyang, but i dont know.. i seriously dont have any idea...

Gaho... look at those muscles! pretty swell for a dog huh? thats what you get when you jog with GD every morning!

So i hope your gaho deprivation has been eased, as GD said, Gaho has more fans than he does :))

[source : dogedu.co.kr via bbvipz]
credits: bigbangupdates.blogspot

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