Since its Honey abs Lee Joon's birthday today, i dedicate a photo spam of Lee Joon pictures through the days~

He is born February 7, 1988 with his real name Lee Changsun, yep! I just wikipedia-d him :))

Lee Joon became hot topic when he debuted as teenage rain in the blockbuster "Ninja Assassin" and debuted with the perfectly toned abs that made fan girl's heart flutter everytime he shows them off during their live performances.

MBLAQ has been very busy with promotions for their first mini album, having their own show idol army, regular guesting on various variety shows, radio shows, pretty much everywhere!

Happy birthday to Lee Joon and more power to him and MBLAQ!

photo credits: as tagged and taken them from abm forum
article by: Blueprincess824 @ DKP; follow me in tumblr!
Lee joonMblaqPicture

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