Unseen recent photo of U-kiss Dongho at a show, in which i have no idea what.

Anyways, first pictures of Dongho with blonde hair made us wish he didnt dye his hair blonde, BUT, after a few days looks like DongHo is learning how to rock his bold hair!

Following fellow u-kiss members who rocked the blonde Eli and Kevin, DongHo has his own ways of looking hot, and he looks more manly! mind you, this guys is a 94-er and younger than already young Taemin!

too bad for the noona's although he looks manly you cant ignore the cute child aura coming off from him :))

So this definitely is a HOT!

photo Credits: http://www.twipl.net/my/doc0102 + ROCKETBOXX.NET
article by: blueprincess824 @ DKP; follow me in tumblr!
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