ODDEYE, who introduced the new genre String Pop, has revealed the performance version of ‘Catch Me If You Can‘!

“ODDEYE, who is developing the new genre String Pop, has revealed a performance video.

Like the team name ODDEYE meaning two eyes of different colours, it is gathered with members who majored in Classic Music. ODDEYE went through a long time of vocal and dance training, and now revealed their hidden performance ability.

ODDEYE, made up of Ee-eum, Hayul, Miki has majored in Classic Music which everyone finds hard, but recreated with ODDEYE’s unique style as to take one more step towards the public, and is planned to continue new attempts constantly.

Debut song ‘Too Busy To Follow’ ‘s English version ‘Catch Me If You Can’ is scheduled to be revealed through worldwide on Friday, 16th of August.” – Fair Music

Watch the performance below:

Source: Fair Music

Article by: Mir

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