Win Win's Wooyoung is Worried about His 2PM Members Appearing on the Show
[Newsen Article by Reporter Jiyoon Kim/Picture by Reporter Daesun Lee]

Wooyoung talked about how he felt about being an assistant MC for “Win Win” and about his 2PM members coming on the show as guests.

In the afternoon of February 4th, in the new KBS building (in Seoul, YoungDeungMoGu, YeoEuiDo) where KBS 2TV variety show “Win Win” is filmed, Wooyoung said, “I’m worried about the members coming on the show as guests,” at the press conference.

In connection to Taecyeon’s drama “Cinderella’s Older Sister” (working title), Wooyoung said, “I’m not ready for dramas yet,” and made everyone laugh by saying, “And also, nobody has attempted to cast me either.”

So Nyuh Shi Dae’s Taeyeon, who is also an assistant MC, said, “When I saw that 2PM was going to come out on the show I thought, ‘So idols can come out on this show’ and I suggested that So Nyuh Shi Dae should come out as guests, but I didn’t get a reply.”

After Kim Namjoo, Hwang Jungmin will appear in the second episode and 2PM will appear in the third episode of “Win Win”.

Jiyoon Kim / Daesun Lee

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