Gummy had sent this picture to her fans via a UFO Town message and revealed "YG's cutie pie magnae came to support my concert. When I first saw her, she really was a baby, but before I knew it, she became a lady! I can always rely on her."

Gummy and Minji's relationship started in 2005, when Gong Minji, who was 11 years old and in grade 6 at the time, made it through her YG Entertainment audition. Although there is a large age gap between them, for 5 years, they have developed a strong attachment as sunbae and hoobae from the same company.

YG Entertainment representatives said, "Gong Minji felt guilty that she could not personally go to Gummy's first come back stage and had only sent her a wreath of flowers. So she went personally to the location of [Gummy's concert]." and seeing Gummy on stage, Gong Minji said "I was very happy, seeing Gummy (performing). I want to quickly come back as well, and give an amazing performance like Gummy."

Meanwhile, returning from a two year break with her mini album last month, 'Loveless', and resuming her activities with her title song, 'As a Man', Gummy is actively doing promotions, such as her 'AURA' concert held on the 22nd, and the 23rd, where she presented all her new album songs, plus her existing hit songs to her fans.

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